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How to add and modify ConifgDB settings


This article demonstrates how to configure Interana to change, enable, or disable certain specified behaviors for an Interana instance.


  • ConfigDB changes must be made on the config node of an Interana cluster.
  • All values must be stored as JSON syntax. For example, strings must be enclosed in double quotes ("string") when they are stored in the ConfigDB.
  • Only use the supported ConfigDB settings listed in the ConfigDB reference.

Adding and modifying ConfigDB settings

You add and modify ConfigDB settings on the config node of an Interana cluster. After making the addition or change, you have to initialize the change and restart the Intrana service.

To add or modify ConfigDB settings, do the following:
  1. Log in to the config node of the Interana cluster.
  2. Use the following command syntax to add or mofidy a ConfigDB setting. 
ia settings update <application> <key> <value>
  1. Run the following script.
  1. Restart the Interana service.
sudo service interana restart 
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