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Admin Guide: Create a support diagnostic file

In some cases, Interana Customer Support will need more information about your cluster to resolve a problem. The support diagnostic file gives Support information about how your instance is configured and how it has been operating up to the point that when you created the file.

The diag command collects information about your Interana environment, including configuration information. It collects information from the machine such as server specifications, OS version, and file system information. It also collects information about the Interana application, such as application configurations, Interana log files, and cluster metadata.

Creating the diagnostic file

Run the following command on a node in your Interana cluster:

sudo /opt/interana/backend/deploy/

This creates a compressed diagnostic file of the logs from that node. 

The script will print the location of the completed diagnostics file. For example:

Interana diagnostics file successfully created, please include the following file with your support request:


What's in the file?

Data Description
OS version Version details about your operating system
Cluster config Number of nodes in each tier
Disk space per node The used, free, and total disk space per node
Memory per node The used, free, and total memory per node
Directory size Used and available space on all filesystems
Volumes The attached disks, how they map to volumes, and the amount of used, free, and total space
Services up/down The status of the Interana, nginx, and mysql services
Log files The Interana logs, syslog, and dmesg
Interana settings List of Interana application settings stored in the ConfigDB
Interana version The version of the Interana application
Hardware information System hardware specs
System status Information about processes, memory, services, etc.
Network information Network configuration and status

What we don't include

Interana omits private information from the following ConfigDB tables:

  • customers: We omit users.hashed_password and user_api_tokens.key.
  • data_sources: We omit the pipeline.parameters table (it can contain AWS keys). We also omit all but recent rows from source_file and tailer_file.
  • external_blob_storage: We omit cache and historic information.
  • import: We include only recent rows from fast_state.