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Deployment planning checklist


With Interana version 2.24, you can configure single-node and multi-node clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Machine Images (AMI)VMware Cloud Services, or Microsoft Azure.  

If you are new to Interana, review the topics in the following list, starting at the top. You will want to acquaint yourself with how Interana works, plan your deployment, review system administration tasks, and all that entails. If you are a returning user, you can use the following list for quick access to topics you want to review again.


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How Interana works  
Planning your Interana deployment  
  Deploy an Interana cluster  
    Sandbox test cluster:
  Interana single-node installation (AWS)
  Interana single-node installation Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  Interana single-node installation (VMware)
    Production cluster:
  Interana single-node installation (VMware)
  Interana multi-node installation (VMware)
Welcome to the CLI—
Interana CLI reference
Ingest data—
What to think about before you add data
  CLI Ingest Quick Start
  Streaming ingest
  Configuring the Interana SDK for ingest
  System administration and maintenance:  
  Manage users
  Monitor Activity
  Look at your data
  Roll off and delete old data
  Resize a cluster
  Backup and restore a cluster
  How to get help:  
  Interana Admin Guide
  Interania online help topics
  Contact Interana support