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Interana 2.20 Release Notes

Interana release 2.20 includes the following new features and resolved issues.

New features

Funnel reset option

We added a new option when creating a funnel. If you select Reset funnel if event matches Step 1, funnels will reset automatically if, after starting a funnel, a user performs the first step of the funnel again. The funnel will end and a new funnel will begin at the repeated step. By default, this setting is not active and funnels will not reset. 

For example, if funnel reset is enabled, this funnel will reset if the user performs the "register" step again:

How the funnel reset option affects funnel operation

Improved workflow for copying named expressions

We've improved the process for copying named expressions (metrics, cohorts, and sessions). Now, instead of prompting you to enter a name for the new version, Interana opens a new Copy dialog where you can edit all of the properties of the named expression. 

However, if you change the Dataset or For Each, the other fields are cleared automatically to prevent errors.

Setting a system warning banner 

Users with the Admin role can set a system warning banner that is displayed in the Explorer window. To set the banner, go to https://<myinstance>/?configedit=system_warning.

More tooltips

We added tooltips to the Dashboard page. Click the question mark icons to display help topics, with links to more documentation. 

Resolved issues

  • Y-axis scale doesn't match the data points: The y-axis scale did not match the time displayed when you hovered on individual data points. In this release, we have changed the y-axis label to display a more meaningful scale.
  • Chart error with secondary axis disabled: If you turned off the secondary axis but the secondary measure was still present, the chart did not display your data. This has been resolved in this release.
  • Dataset name limitations: If the name of a dataset included a space character (for example, "Event log data"), Interana returned an error. This has been resolved in this release.
  • Go button does not activate when switching views: The Go button did not become active (turn green) when switching from any view other than Time back to Time view. This has been resolved in this release.
  • Default subject for dashboard reports: In previous releases, Interana did not set a default subject for dashboard report email. This has been resolved in this release, and the default subject is now the name of the dashboard. 
  • The Time window setting would change when a user switched views: The Time window chart control would revert back to Auto when switching between Time view and Stacked area view. This has been resolved in this release. 

Known issues

  • The chart legend cannot be toggled when using the Distribution or Stacked Bar views. 

Release 2.20.1

This maintenance release fixes the following issues:

  • Fix a string server corruption observed on one customer after upgrade to 2.20. If you were encountering this string server corruption, import would be halted on the cluster.

  • Remove the button to export cohorts. 

  • Fix an issue where during install, Interana returned an inaccurate error message about inability to install the CLI (even though main install would succeed). 

  • Fix an issue where, during a future upgrade to 2.21, some users might encounter a blank Interana screen until they do a force-refresh of the Interana web page. This fix provides a browser directive not to cache our index.html in the 2.20 release, so that our future upgrade to 2.21 goes more smoothly.

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