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Interana 2.23 Release Notes

This document introduces new features included in Interana release 2.23 and lists newly resolved issues.

See Release 2.23.1 for information about the latest maintenance release.

New features

Interana release 2.23 includes the following new features:

.deb installer

We've completely shifted our install method to a .deb package installer.  This allows us to more easily distribute and install Interana software to supported Ubuntu environments.

Cluster resize

Interana release 2.23 provides the ability to resize clusters for both data and string nodes.

Global filters on dashboards

You can now apply Global Filters to Dashboards. You can use them in the same way you use normal filters with Dashboards.

Deduplicating query cache

We re-architected our query cache with major performance improvements to dashboards. Unique queries will be deduplicated at the cache level, and refreshed based on intelligent prioritization. In addition, the following changes were made to dashboards:

  • All charts now include the last updated time, which is shown relative to the current time (for example, "updated 3 minutes ago"). Interana will cache charts for up to 7 days; after that, Interana will automatically run a new query to refresh the charts. For email reports, Interana will cache data for 1 hour before running a new query. See Dashboards and query caching for more information.
  • Use the Go button at the top of the Dashboard page to refresh all charts on the page.

Data stats in column tooltips

We've added data stats in column tooltips that provide context on your data, so you'll have more information to be able to select the right fields and named expressions to build your queries. You can see these in the Query Builder, and they include the following information:

Stat Description
Occurrence The percentage of events that have a non-null value for the column.
The number of unique values in the column.
Sample values A list of sample values for the column.

Enhanced arithmetic operations with derived columns

We added the get function for derived columns. Use these when the data you're referencing contains null values, and you want a safe way to compute arithmetic operations on multiple fields. 

This will work with both long and double values. The syntax for these is long get(string field_name, long on_null); and double get(string field_name, double on_null);.

See the Derived column syntax reference for more information. 

Performance improvements

We've made multiple enhancements to improve performance. This includes performance improvements for Dashboards and for string filters ("text contains," "starts with," "ends with").

System timezone consistency

In 2.23, we improved the way we store and reference timezones to ensure consistency across queries, named expressions, and dashboards. Interana references a system-wide timezone setting so all users have the same view of data, regardless of their browser timezone settings. 

Unicode support in filters

Interana now supports unicode (UTF-8) text in filters.

Resolved issues

HIG-9498 Cannot share charts with email addresses that contain a plus (+) character.
HIG-9765 Incorrect embed code generated for charts when using Microsoft Edge.

Known issues

HIG-9505 Cannot share a query for Distribution view that uses unpublished metrics.
HIG-9809 Must refresh to apply a column name change made from data tooltips in the Explorer.
HIG-10159 In the Explorer, scrolling doesn't work when the mouse pointer is on a table view.
HIG-10168 A dashboard that points to a non-existent table results in a confusing error message.
HIG-10170 Copying an invalid cohort is allowed, which then causes the UI to hang.
HIG-10180 Filter this out selects the contents of the entire table row instead of the column that was selected.
HIG-10194 Queries run while rebalancing return inaccurate results.
HIG-10268 If you re-use the name of a deleted table, the old derived columns appear in the new table as deleted.
HIG-10285 Admins are unable to edit the last column in datasets.
HIG-10289 Unable to make decimal columns aggregable.
HIG-10383 An edited metric does not update with new information until you perform a hard refresh.
HIG-10462 Newlines in advanced filter text break permalinks.
HIG-10485 Text no longer wraps for small dashboard charts, and cuts off the very bottom of the text for the first line.
HIG-10625 Import and query functions may temporarily be blocked during a string node rebalance.  Once the rebalance is complete, performance returns to normal.
HIG-11026 In Explorer filters, if you exact match the name of a named expression, the named expression is added to the filter.

Time syntax issues

The improvements to timezone consistency caused issues with some of our previously supported time syntax. These issues can potentially break existing named expressions and dashboards. We are currently investigating the scope of these issues and will be providing fixes for them in upcoming releases. 

Release 2.23.1

This maintenance release fixes the following issues:

HIG-9858 Unable to parse datetimes.
HIG-10581 Queries returned "Query failed: map::at" error.
HIG-10732 Queries returned "no more data to read" errors after upgrading to 2.23.
HIG-10733 Global Filters are not saved when pinning charts to dashboards.
HIG-10810 Dashboard charts containing non-ASCII characters fail to load.
HIG-10811 The Text Contains expression does not support escape characters.
HIG-10822 The force_saml configuration parameter did not accept "enabled." 
HIG-10823 String server is able to delete data in use.
HIG-10824 "No data to read" errors returned when large cache files created out of memory errors.
HIG-10853 Time syntax not parsed correctly for queries ending on the first day of the month.
HIG-10867 url_parse step does not recognize all valid URI schemes
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