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How to add, remove, and change shard keys


Interana can add, remove, and change shard keys for Managed Edition customers. This document explains the information you'll need to communicate to your Interana Customer Success Manager (CSM) for shard key modifications.

Contact your CSM 

Communicating fully with your CSM is essential for a smooth ingest. Review the following section and discuss the items on the list with your CSM, as they pertain to your data. 

Information we'll need for the shard key modifications

Communicate the following with your CSM for the shard key modifications:

  • What is the name of the table?
  • What is the name of the shard key?
  • What is the shard key data type?
  • Are there any known shard function exceptions associated with the shard key to be modified or removed? Shard key exceptions are linked to whales in your data. Usually, these links must be modified along with the shard key.
  • Are there any transformations required for the data associated with the shard key?
  • Will all, or part, of the data associated with the shard key need to be re-ingested? 
  • If you are removing a shard key, are there any named expressions based on that shard key? Named expressions based on a shard key that has been removed will no longer work.
  • If you are adding a shard key, does your cluster have sufficient space to accommodate the duplicate of your data required for each shard key?