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How to log a Managed Edition ingest request


Interana performs data imports (ingests) for Managed Edition customers. This document explains the information you'll need to communicate to your Interana Customer Success Manager (CSM) for an ingest request.

Contact your CSM

Communicating fully with your CSM is essential for a smooth ingest. Review the following section and discuss the items on the list with your CSM, as they pertain to your data. 

Information we'll need for the ingest

Communicate the following with your CSM regarding the data to be ingested.

  • Data source information, such as the cloud provider where the data is stored. 
  • Login credentials to access and download the data.
  • Path to the files that are to be ingested.
  • Will the data be stored in an existing table, or in a new table?
  • For an existing table, what is the table name. If there are multiple tables, provide all of the names.
  • If the data will be imported into a new table, familiarize yourself with What you should know about structuring your data. Your CSM will ask your for information based on these topics.
  • Are there column type specifics that are important, such as transforming string data to integers, flattening data to form columns, or other data transformations?
  • How frequently will the files be uploaded?
  • How large are the files to be uploaded?
  • What is the expected latency for the uploads? For example, if the were files uploaded today, do you expect the data to be available in Interana tomorrow?
  • What are your data retention requirements?
  • Who is the person that will validate that the data is correct after the ingest is complete?