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How to request a column type change


Interana works with Managed Edition customers to keep the structure of their data up to date. This document explains the information you'll need to communicate to your Interana Customer Success Manager (CSM) when you request a column type change.

Contact your CSM 

Communicating fully with your CSM is essential for a when making changes to the structure of your data. Review the following section and discuss the items on the list with your CSM, as they pertain to your data. 

Information we'll need for the column type change

Familiarize yourself with What you should know about structuring your data and How to log a Managed Service ingest request. Then, discuss the following topics with your CSM:

  • In which table is the column to be changed?
  • What is the name of the column for which the type is to be changed.
  • What is the new column "type"?
  • What is the timestamp format of the new column type?
  • Is transformation necessary for the new column type?
  • If it will be an identifier column, how many digits are allowed.
  • Are there named expressions associated with the column that will break, such as filters?
  • Will the column type change affect all data going forward, or must all the column data be deleted and then re-ingested? If you keep the data prior to the column type change, make a backup of the column before the change is made.
  • Will the column type change result in a storage space, or sizing, issue? For example, string columns take up more space than integer columns.