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How to request rolling retention


Interana configures rolling retention for Managed Edition customers. This document explains the information you'll need to communicate to your Interana Customer Success Manager (CSM) for a rolling retention request.

Contact your CSM 

Communicating fully with your CSM is essential. Review the following section and discuss the items on the list with your CSM, as they pertain to your data. 

Rolling retention and data rolloff

Rolling retention is the periodic rolloff of data after a certain date. Rolling off old data efficiently minimizes storage usage across all tiers, as does targeted data deletion.

  • Data rolloff—Removes data after a specified time period. This can be set up as a continuous process, or a onetime event.
  • Data deletion—Removes a column of data, or data within a specified time interval. This is a onetime event.

The amount of storage required for your company's data volume depends on the length of your retention period. A larger data retention period requires more storage capacity. 

Information we'll need for rolling retention, or one-time deletion

Your CSM will need the following information to create a roll retention job:

  • What are the table or tables to which the rolling retention job will be applied?
  • How much data do you want to retain? Many businesses retain 30 days of data. The amount of data you retain is dependent on your company requirements and the storage capacity of your cluster.
  • How frequently do you want to roll off data?
  • When do you want to start the rolling retention job.
  • If there is a date on which you want to stop the rolling retention job, what is the desired end date of the job.
  • What are performance expectations? If your cluster reaches its storage capacity, performance is impacted. Review your cluster size and growth potential with your CSM.

Your CSM will need the following information for a one-time data deletion:

  • What is the name of the table?
  • What is the column name for the data to be deleted?
  • What is the start date for the deletion?
  • What is the end date for the deletion?