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How to use the Interana external API


Interana’s API provides a way to extract summarized and aggregated data for use in downstream processes, data warehouses, dashboards, or reports. The API is an integral part of an Interana cluster installation. 

Customize Interana for your application

The Interana external API is a RESTful API that allows you to integrate Interana with your applications to run queries outside of the Interana user interface (UI). The following are a few examples of ways in which the API has been implemented:

  • Queries run as a cron job
  • Import monitoring and validation
  • Extract information for reporting
  • Large queries used for aggregations

External API query

The API provides functionality for single measurement and time series queries that use a query endpoint.

Single measurement queries return a single result set. An example of a single measurement query is a Table view query that extracts a site’s top users based on the count of user events. Only one table of results is returned for the given time range. 

Time series queries return a result set for every data point in the query’s time range. In Interana Explorer, time series queries are rendered using the Time view.

Query endpoint allows the user to make queries against Interana. The API currently supports one endpoint: query. The query endpoint must be accessed with the GET HTTP method. The URL path to the query endpoint is as follows:


Ready-to-run code that can query Interana

To create a language-specific implementation that can be used for your custom scenario, see the Query API implementation guide. After completing the how-to article, you'll have ready-to-run code capable of querying Interana using the supported Interana APIs.