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What happens during an Interana upgrade


Interana performs all software upgrades for Managed Edition customers. This article gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what happens during a software upgrade.

Interana software upgrade process

You may be wondering when an Interana upgrade typically happens, and why there's a need for system downtime during these procedures. This document explains the inner workings of an Interana software upgrade, how long you can expect the system to be down, and when Interana upgrades typically take place.

What happens during an upgrade

Before you can understand why your Interana cluster needs to be unavailable for a set period of time during an upgrade, or why we require a delegated upgrade schedule, we first need to explain the inner workings of the Interana upgrade process.

To upgrade Interana, the following tasks are performed:

  1. Check the most recent cluster backup.
  2. Stop the system services and freeze the file systems.
  3. Do one of the following:
  • For Azure customers, another backup of the cluster is performed.
  • For AWS customers, a backup of Interana MySQL—on the config node—is taken.
  1. Install the Interana upgrade.
  2. Update Nginx.
  3. Reapply options specific to your cluster configuration.
  4. Restart Interana and the related services.

Necessary system downtime

The tasks outlined in What happens during an upgrade require that the Interana cluster be unavailable until the entire upgrade process is complete.

The required system downtime depends upon the size of your cluster, and can range from twelve minutes to two hours.

Interana upgrade schedule

The default Interana upgrade schedule is at 6:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

If the default upgrade schedule is not convenient for your time zone, contact your Interana Customer Success Manager (or to establish a backup time that meets your needs.