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ConfigDB reference

This applies tov2.25

You can configure Interana to change, enable, or disable certain specified behaviors for an Interana instance.


ConfigDB changes must be made on the config node of an Interana cluster.

All values must be stored as JSON syntax. For example, strings must be enclosed in double quotes ("string") when they are stored in the ConfigDB.

Only use the supported ConfigDB settings listed in the following tables:

For more information about the Interena CLI, see the Interana CLI Reference

Add or modify ConfigDB settings

You add and modify ConfigDB settings on the config node of an Interana cluster. After making the addition or change, you have to initialize the change and restart the Intrana service.

To add or modify ConfigDB settings, do the following:
  1. Log in to the config node of the Interana cluster.
  2. Use the following command syntax to add or mofidy a ConfigDB setting. 
ia settings update <application> <key> <value>
  1. Run the following script.
  1. Restart the Interana service.
sudo service interana restart 

IA monitor

Application Key Allowed values Default value Description
send_internal_logs s3_enabled 0, 1 0 Enables upload of structured logs to S3
send_internal_logs s3_access_key S3 key strings Interana S3 key Key string to authenticate S3 uploads
send_internal_logs s3_secret_access_key S3 secret strings Interana S3 secret Secret string to authenticate S3 uploads
send_internal_logs bucket_id S3 bucket name interana-logs

S3 bucket that compressed structured logs will be uploaded to.

Destination path in the bucket will be organization_name/yyyy-mm-dd/nodename/filename

send_internal_logs use_proxy 0, 1 0 Enables use of HTTP proxy for S3 uploads
send_internal_logs http_proxy hostname or IP push000 HTTP proxy to use for S3 uploads
send_internal_logs min_age time (in seconds) 300 Structured logs older than this age will be considered for upload to S3
send_internal_logs archive_age time (in seconds) 1209600 (2 weeks) Structured logs older than the specified time will be deleted
send_internal_logs rotate_interval time (in seconds) 300 Frequency at which interana_monitor will rotate structured logs
send_internal_logs s3_upload_max_threads Python thread count 25 Maximum number of parallel upload of structured logs to S3
send_internal_logs s3_upload JSON list of strings (no default) Structured logs matching any of these patterns will be uploaded to S3
send_internal_logs s3_sliver_by hour None (disabled)

Alters how logs uploaded to S3 will be organized within the bucket.

The log path will be organization_name/yyyy-mm-dd/hh/nodename/filename

Structured log loopback

Application Key Allowed values Default value Description
usage_loopback query_table string (table name) None (disabled) Enables loopback of API structured logs directly into the specified table (without uploading them to S3)
usage_loopback ingest_table string (table name) None (disabled) Enables loopback of import structured logs directly into the specified table (without uploading them to S3)

Query API

Application Key Allowed values Default value Description
auth force_saml enabled, disabled enabled Force SAML authentication
auth password_auth enabled, disabled enabled

Enable or disable login by username and password. 

If you are configuring your cluster to use SAML for authentication, you must set this to disabled to prevent users from accessing the standard login dialog.

auth default_saml_provider string (none) Name of the default SAML provider for login
auth enable_google_auth yes, no no Sets Google Sign-In as the default login for Interana. A 'yes' value enables Google Sign-In, a 'no' value disables it. The default is set to 'no'.
auth signup_url string (none) Sets a URL as the default login for Interana.
auth account_confirm_email_subject string (none) Add a custom subject to the account confirmation email
auth account_confirm_email_text string (none) Add custom text to the account confirmation email. Use {url} in the body to place the confirmation URL.
auth password_reset_email_subject string (none) Custom subject for the password reset email.
auth password_reset_email_text string (none) Custom text for the password reset email.
auth password_changed_email_subject string (none) Custom subject for the password changed email.
auth password_changed_email_text string (none) Custom text for the password changed email.
precacher num_threads positive int 3 Number of threads for the precacher to use
precacher bucket_size int (in seconds) 86400 Granularity for prioritizing dashboards. For example, the default is 1 day, meaning all dashboards viewed on the same day have the same first priority. Within buckets, they are sorted by highest number of views.


(added in Interana 2.25.1)

Dashboard IDs, in an array (none)

The IDs of dashboards to refresh according to how overdue they are past the priority_staleness_limit.

When there are no "priority charts" overdue, then non-priority charts will be refreshed. If it is not possible to refresh all of the priority charts within the priority staleness limit, the non-priority charts will not be refreshed, unless a user interactively refreshes the charts in either the dashboard or explorer pages.



(added in Interana 2.25.1)

int (numberof seconds) (none) The number of seconds past which a stale chart is considered "overdue." Charts are refreshed according to how overdue they are. This value is recomputed and the charts are re-ranked every 20 minutes that the precacher is running.
query_api ignored_hosts JSON list of strings (none) IP addreses to ignore in query
query_api max_timespan_for_unsampled_dashboard int 4611686018427387904 Max duration, in milliseconds, of an unsampled dashboard query. Only applies if dataset is configured to sample queries by default.
query_api max_timespan_for_unsampled_non_dashboard int 4611686018427387904 Max duration, in milliseconds, of an unsampled interactive query. Only applies if dataset is configured to sample queries by default.
query_api min_depth_per_group int 1  
query_api sampling_micro_shard_level int 0  
query_api min_leaves_for_sampled      
query_api min_leaves_for_unsampled      
query_api external_api enabled, disabled enabled Enable or disable the external Query API.
query_api cookie_secret string (none)  
query_api column_stat_scheduler_log string  
  • column_stats_scheduler_shutting_down: Shut down
  • column_stats_scheduler_failed: Failed during query to server
  • column_stats_start_update: Started query
  • column_stats_scheduler_sleep: Finished cycle
query_api column_stats_sleep_duration int (in seconds) 300 Duration for column stats scheduler to sleep between updates
query_api column_stats_update_frequency int (in days) 30

The minimum time, in days, since the last update. 

Columns whose stats have been updated within this time period will not be updated again.

query_api column_stats_batch_size int 10 Number of table columns to query per cycle.
query_api column_stats_fields percent_null, cardinality, samples (none)

Fields of thecolumn_stats configuration database table to update, in the form of a Python list.

If you do not specify a value, all fields will be updated.

query_api email_sender string   Name to insert in sender field for system emails (user create, password reset, password change)
query_api email_host string   Remote host for SMTP connection for system emails
query_api email_port int   Port for SMTP connection for system emails
query_api email_user string (none)

Username for SMTP login.

A default username is created for internal users only with the install_interana script.

query_api email_password string (none)

Password for SMTP login.

A default password is created for internal users only with the install_interana script.

query_api column_stats_time_range int (in days) 30 Maximum duration of days to sample events from
query_api column_stats disabled (none) Disable the column stats display in the UI
query_api query_memory_limit_mb int (in MB) 8192 The memory limit, in MB, each query can take before being terminated as unsuccessful.
webapp activityMetricActorGroupedFilteringEnabled none {true, false} If true, the UI will show the checkbox for actor grouped filtering when creating a activity metric.
webapp maxSamplesViewRows int 1000 Maximum number of rows to display for the Samples view
webapp maxSamplesRowsExport int 10000 Maximum number of rows to export for the Samples view CSV export
webapp maxSamplesCols int 40 Maximum number of columns to display for the Samples view
webapp maxTableViewRows int 1000 Maximum number of rows to display for the Table view
webapp maxTableRowsExport int 1000 Maximum number of rows to export for the Table view CSV export
webapp promptUserToSetSamplesDefaults true, false true If true, prompts user to set default samples view columns once per session when running a samples view query with non-default columns
webapp dataSourceSamplingOptionDisabled true, false false If true, disables per-dataset checkbox on Settings page that controls whether to sample queries by default
webapp resultTimezone.label string PDT The timezone label to display in the UI
webapp resultTimezone.offset int 420 The number of minutes to subtract from queries in the UI
webapp resultTimezone.string string -0700 The GMT offset displayed in the UI
webapp start_of_week Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Sunday The start of the week for time queries with a resolution of 1 week or more
webapp dashboardCacheDuration.default int 25200000 Default cache duration for dashboards, in milliseconds. Defaults to 7 hours.
webapp dashboardCacheDuration.emailReport int 7200000 Cache duration for dashboards used in email reports, in milliseconds. If not set, default duration is used. Defaults to 2 hours.
webapp query_timeout_ms int (in milliseconds) 180000 The query timeout setting
webapp dashboardCacheDuration.precacher int (in milliseconds) 60000 Cache duration for dashboards, in milliseconds. If not set, the default duration is used (1 minute).
webapp preferredCountUniqueNE JSON object (none)

Configure a non-shard key column as a default column for count unique for each dataset. The useUnfilteredColumnsmust be set to true.

webapp popularColumns JSON object (none)  
webapp useUnfilteredColumns JSON object (none)  
webapp system_warning string (none) Warning message to display above charts in the UI
webapp systemWarningFetchInterval int (in milliseconds) 300000 Refresh interval for system warning messages, in milliseconds. The default is 5 minutes.
webapp instance_help_email_address string (none)  
webapp instance_help_text string "Custom Documentation"  
webapp instance_help_url string (none)  
webapp instance_name string    
webapp landing_url string (none) URL path and/or query parameters for the default landing page
webapp showABTestView true, false false Show or hide the A/B Test View
webapp pnpEnabled true, false false Enable or disable the Publishing features
webapp importWizardEnabled true, false true Enable or disable the Import wizard
webapp isEmbedChartEnabled true, false false Enable or disable the ability to embed charts in external applications

String server

Application Key Allowed values Default value Description
string-server string_match_timeout_ms int 10000 Maximum amount of time to wait, in milliseconds, for string-server-leaf to complete a request
string-server string_match_result_count int 1000000 Max number of strings that allowed to be returned by getMatchingIds request. If more strings matching the regex then query fails with exception.
string-server string_match_size_limit_bytes int 50000000

The limit of text bytes to process per query per string leaf. Defaults to 50MB.

If you need to increase this limit, also increase the value of string_match_timeout_ms.

string-server coalescing_delay_ms int 50 Defines expiration time granularity by rounding up to the boundary of granularity.
string-server add_strings_cached_limit_per_request int 1000 Maximum number of strings per column per request allowed for adding cached strings
string-server disable_coalescing_delay_first_call true, false false Specify whether to delay the first thrift call
string-server top_n_idlist_size_limit_per_request int 50000000 Maximum number of strings supported for order by string column through getting top N ID positions in list
string-server-leaf string_bucket_seconds int 86400

Define how the leaf will round up the time.

For example, the default of 86400 seconds (1 day) would cause both 10:00am and 2pm to round to 12am of the next day.

string-server-leaf copy_request_to_pair=true/false true, false true

Sends addTimedStrings() from master to pair. This is
required when --enable_end_time is true.

Otherwise this option allows to
tune IOPS load on pair.

Defaults to true and must be set with =.

string-server-leaf enable_end_time=true/false true, false true

Enables writing timestamps for added strings. If set to false, then timestamps are ignored and string-server doesn't do random writes.

Defaults to true and must be set with =.

string-server-leaf garbage_size_limit_percent int 10 Garbage in every column will be removed on startup if it requires a greater percentage of storage than the specified limit.

Data server

Application Key Allowed values Default value Description
query_api engines_cache "enabled", "disabled" "enabled" Enable/disable all engines caches
query_api aggregation_cache "enabled", "disabled" "enabled" Enable/disable aggregation cache
query_api funnels_cache "enabled", "disabled" "enabled" Enable/disable funnel cache
query-server cache_evict_at_disk_free_percent number 10.0 Engines cache will be pruned if available disk space falls below this percentage
query-server cache_evict_percent number 2.0 When at least one of the cache size limit or the number of cache files limit is reached, this amount of cache will be deleted so that each parameter is this much lower than the limit
query-server cache_eviction_delay_seconds int 180 Delay in seconds between consecutive cache eviction calls
query-server cache_expiration_period int 604800 (1 week) Time interval in seconds when cache file is considered not expired. If access was too long ago, considered that file wasn't accessed at all.
query-server cache_files_limit int 1000000 Maximum allowed number of cache files.
query-server cache_freshness_period int 28800 Time interval for which cache file is considered fresh
query-server cache_lru_references int 2 Number of reference in LRU-K eviction policy
query-server cache_megabytes_limit int 50000 Maximum allowed cache size, in megabytes
query-server import_lag_seconds 10+ 30 Minimum approximate buffering time for new data. Longer time reduces disk write load. The data is not available until it's flushed.
query-server flush_io_threads 1+ 4

Number of threads allocated to folder flush operations.

A lower value number reduces disk write load, but increases flush cycle.

query-server async_io_threads 1+ 3

Number of threads allocated to do async operations like split, sort, migrate.

A larger number results in better execution speed in case of big queues but this can introduce disk write spikes.

query-server primary_data_tier_path string (empty string) Filesystem path of primary storage tier. This path must be set if secondary storage tier is set. This path is used to translate externally supplied paths to secondary storage tier path.
query-server secondary_data_tier_path string (empty string)

Filesystem path of secondary storage tier. Set this path to access events across two filesystems.

Primary paths: <primary_data_tier_path>/path/to/data/shards

Secondary paths: <secondary_data_tier_path>/path/to/data/shards

query-server foreign_events_path string (empty string) The path where foreign events are stored. Also see event_haven_attempts of import.


Application Key Allowed values Default value Description
import max_concurrent_downloads int number of CPUs * 20 Maximum number of file downloads allowed at one time
import low_disk_space_sleep_seconds int 300 Time in seconds to wait before trying to import a batch again if we don't have enough disk space
import max_concurrent_batches int number of CPUs Maximum number of file batches to import at a given time
import max_scan_threads int 20 Maxiumum number of threads used to scan the data source
import max_purifiers int 2 Maximum number of purifiers allowed to run parsing phase (--process_concurrency flag)
import min_disk_available_percent int 20 Minimum percentage of disk space free to proceed with import
import event_haven_attempts int (>=0) 1 Number of other data nodes to try to store events on them when home node of events is not available. Also see --foreign_events_path of query-server.
import usable_ram_limit int (>0) 1099511627776 (1024 ** 4 or about 1TB) Maximum size of chunk of data purifier will process at one time. Lower values will result in lower amounts of data sent to the data and string tier at a time.
import diable_seccomp True, False True By default, we sandbox the code_snippet transformer so that it cannot make arbitrary changes to the file system. This setting disables that sandboxing in case an admin wants to make a transformer that (for example) reads context from an arbitrary file.
purifier force_geo_to_string 0 or 1 0 Do not parse IP addresses / send them to our GeoIP lookup database; just treat them as strings.
purifier force_hexn_to_string 0 or 1 0 Do not interpret uuids as hex / identifier types; just treat them as strings.     
purifier force_url_to_string 0 or 1 0 Do not split URLs into pieces... just treat them as strings. (If you update this setting, you shouldn't set add_full_and_parsed_url.)    
purifier add_full_and_parsed_url 0 or 1 0 Spit URLs into pieces AND store them as strings. Costs some extra space on the string server. (If you update this setting, you shouldn't set force_url_to_string.)    
purifier force_useragent_to_string 0 or 1 0 Do not parse user agents; just treat them as strings.     
purifier strict_number_detection 0 or 1 0 Do not attempt to interpret quoted values like "1" or "1.32" or "A" as numbers; just treat them as strings. 


string "agent" Enable UserAgent detection for columns that have this sub-string in the column name. Case-insensitive. Must be UTF-8.