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Tourist Guide: Welcome!

Neal Kaplan
This applies tov2.24

Hi there! You’re probably reading this guide because you’re just starting to use Interana. We’ll call you a tourist, in the nicest possible way. We hope you’ll get hooked and move on to exploring!

If you’re ready to become more than a tourist, you can move on to the Explorer Guide now. If you’re the type to want to get the conceptual overview first, you may want to back up and start with the How it Works Guide instead.

Your first encounter with Interana could be through email; maybe you received a message with charts showing you information about your business data. Or maybe a coworker sent you an invitation to look at a dashboard on your Interana instance. After you created an account you saw a dashboard that looked something like this:

These are snapshots of queries run on your data. Someone on your team built queries to analyze your data; when they found queries that returned interesting, informative results, they saved those queries to a dashboard (or even multiple dashboards).

The dashboard shows you the current results of the queries run on your data. (In the example above, it’s showing us usage information for a fictional music service.)

How timely are these charts?

Interana regularly updates all of the dashboards. The time between updates depends on a few factors, including the number of dashboards, the number of charts per dashboard, and the complexity of the queries used to generate the charts. For most of our users, charts are updated every few minutes; for users who have built a very large number of dashboards, the data referenced in the charts might be an hour or two old, at most. Click Go in the Dashboard options panel to refresh all of the charts. 

You can save these images and use them in reports and presentations. But you can also click any chart in the email to go directly to the Living Dashboards in your Interana instance (after you log in to your instance). You’ll see why we call these Living Dashboards as we go...

When you go to the dashboard, you’ll see the same charts that were included in the email that you received (if you received charts via email). The charts in the Interana application are interactive: you can hover your cursor over any point in the charts to get more information about your data, and you can adjust the charts to show you different (or additional) results.

Remember that these dashboards are built on queries? Queries are how we analyze data in Interana, and at a basic level they are measuring an activity over a period of time. But that will give you a simple analysis that, while it might be interesting, might not be the most useful information. So Interana lets you build queries where you can compare activity over different time periods, activity by different groups, or filter your results to see just the information that’s more meaningful to you.

Even though you’re not building queries in the dashboard, you can change some of the options used to build the original queries, making the charts in the dashboard more meaningful to you.

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