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Counting events of a specific type over time

Dave Pedu


This guide will demonstrate counting events over time, optionally selecting a certain type of event.

Use a Time view

Load Interana's explorer in your browser. We'll want to use a Time view. If Time isn't already selected, you can choose it in the drop-down View selector in the Explorer's tools:

Add a filter

If we press GO now, we'll see events over time for all data available in the current Dataset. If you know a specific type of event you'd like to see, add a Basic Filter by clicking into the Basic Filter field, as shown below:

Press GO!

Click the green GO button at the top of the explorer's toolbar. The explorer's result view, on the right, will refresh showing the results of your query.

What's Next

Now that you know how to query for event count over time with filtering, consider changing the time range viewed, adding additional filters, or even comparing different types of events over time, all in one chart.

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