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Create daily email reports

Dave Pedu


This guide will teach you about Email Reports; what they are and how to configure them.

Email reports are simply snapshots of Dashboards that Interana can send out via email on a set schedule.

Create a Dashboard

Email Reports are generated by emailing the contents of a Dashboard, so you must create a Dashboard first. For more information about creating a Dashboard or adding Charts to a Dashboard, check out the Saving Charts to Dashboards article.

Select the Email Report dialog in the Dashboard Controls menu

Controls for Dashboards can be accessed by clicking the Hamburger menu. We want the Set Up Email Report option.

Configure the Email Report

In this dialog, choose a descriptive Email Subject, the days of the week and time you'd like the report to be sent, and the recipients. 

You can also press Send Email Now to trigger the report immediately, if you'd like to test it or quickly send a one-off report to your or someone else's email. If you've already created a scheduled Report, you can disable it by clicking Clear All.

What's Next

Learn more about Dashboards, Charts or creating charts with the Explorer.

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