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Dashboards and query caching

Robin Davis

Below is a typical dashboard in Interana.

Dashboard charts in Interana are cached. The age of the cached chart is shown below the chart title. By default, cached results older than 7 days are deleted. To refresh an entire dashboard, click the “GO” button at the top. This will cause all of the charts to reload, and show “updated now” under the title.

Clicking Explore on the bottom right corner of a chart will take you to the explorer view for that chart, using the cached results shown in the dashboard view. A message is shown above the chart: “This data is from the dashboard cache. Click GO to run a fresh query.”

A query duplicated across one or more dashboards all share a single entry for the cached results. A background process called the “precacher” continuously issues low-priority queries to refresh these cached results, so that dashboard users will see recent results without having to re-issue all of the queries on that dashboard. The precacher prioritizes dashboards by last access date, and by total view count. 

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