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Export data from Interana


There are multiple ways to share data from Interana:

Export a chart to a CSV file 

You can do this from any view by clicking in the upper right hand corner of the chart and finding the export icon. Exporting from table view and samples view are two views recommended for doing this.

You cannot export data from a cached query. Run the query again and then export the data. 

Samples view

When you run a query using the Samples view, you can export up to 10,000 event rows to a .csv file. Click the More button in the upper right hand corner of the Samples view, then select Export Data and specify the number of rows that you want to export.

Note that there are no chart controls for this view, and it cannot be pinned to a dashboard.

Create dashboard email reports

You can email all of a dashboard's charts to anyone by going to the dashboard and in the upper right hand corner, there's an icon to set up an email report. See Create daily email Reports for more information. 

Embed a chart

The Embed Chart option lets you use embed a dashboard chart as an iframe in a web page or tool that supports HTML. See Embed a chart in an external application for more information. 

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