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Saving charts to dashboards

Dave Pedu


This guide will show you how to save a chart into a custom dashboard. Dashboards are collections of saved charts - if you want to save a query to view later or display one chart with related charts, dashboards are perfect for you!

Use the Explorer to create a query

If you need help with this, check out Counting events of a specific type over time for a basic example.

Open the Pin Chart dialog

In the upper right of the Explorer view, click the thumbtack icon next to the More menu:

Save the Chart to a Dashboard

It's important to pick a descriptive name for the chart so other users know what the data means. In the Pin Chart dialaog, you can also choose which dashboards the chart should be displayed on, how big the chart should be, or even create a new dashboard if you don't have any already.

After you click Pin, you're all done! You can see your chart by accessing the Dashboard you saved it to, using the Dashboards menu on the left.

What's Next

You've successfully created a dashboard or added your Chart to an existing Dashboard! You may continue adding charts to your Dashboard or Share your Dashboard so other users of Interana can see it and gain insight from your wisdom.

To understand how dashboard queries are automatically kept up to date by the system, you can check out this article on Dashboards and Query Caching in Interana.

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