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Time Resolution and Time Window

Collin Webb


After completing this how-to you will know how to change the time window and resolution and what each means.

This article refers to Scuba version 2.x. For information on time windows in a later version, see Specify time in a query in the v4 documentation.

How to start

Begin by going into the explorer to either the Time view or Stacked Area Time view. Make any query that you want to explore more deeply. Then click on Chart Controls in the upper right hand corner.

How to change the resolution

In Chart Controls, the resolution section has a slider which can select different time selections (8 hours, 1 day, 1 week, etc). These will change depending on how much total time has been selected in your query. So, when I have a bit over a month of time in my Time View chart, the option at the left end of the scale will be 1 30-day month and the option at the right end of the scale will be 8 hours.

chart_controls_months.png   and   

But when I have about a week of time in my Time View chart, the far left hand option will be 1 week and the right hand option will be 2 hours.

What is Resolution?

Resolution how often the data is taken. Each dot on the chart corresponds to one resolution size of time.

Changing the Time Window

Simply select the time unit desired (for example, hours).

The Chart Controls will allow one to select the number of units desired (for example, 4 hours).

This number must be a multiple of the Resolution.

What is the Time Window?

The Time Window is how much data is aggregated for each point on the resolution. So if your chart has a Resolution of 2 hours and a Time Window of 4 hours, each point of data will be 2 hours apart and include data from the 4 hours before it. This will "smooth" the chart, and there will be less variation between points on the graph that aggregate data over a longer time.