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3.4 Release notes

This document introduces new features included in Scuba release 3.4 and lists newly resolved and known issues.

New features

Scuba release 3.4 includes the following new features:

  • More intuitive time handling
  • Easier workflows
  • Advanced analytics and statistical support
  • Administrative control
  • Operationalization of Scuba
More intuitive time handling
  • “now” is independent of time grouping

  • More context around trending data points

Easier workflows
  • Duplicate existing actor, event, flows, and flow properties

  • Persistent number formatting

  • Improved messaging with empty search results

Analytics improvements and statistical support
  • Variance Aggregations

Administrative control
  • Saved Measures

    • Lightweight “publishing” of complex KPIs with friendly names for user with less experienced users.

Operationalization of Scuba
  • Query API

    • Define in UI and return from endpoint

    • Use with BI tools

    • Extract segments

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