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Behavioral Analytics (Full-Stack, Interactive) [v5]

Behavioral analytics reveal insights into the behavior of consumers on eCommerce platforms, online games, web, and mobile applications produced by all of your applications, services, and data pipelines.

Behavioral analytics utilizes raw user event data from consumers using applications, games, or websites (over time). This can include navigation path traffic data, clicks, social media interactions, purchasing decisions, and marketing responsiveness. The event-data can include advertising metrics like click-to-conversion time, as well as comparisons between other metrics like the monetary value of an order and the amount of time spent on the site.

Data points are compiled and analyzed, whether by looking at session progression from when a user first entered the platform until a sale was made, or what other products a user bought or looked at before a purchase. Behavioral analysis allows you to predict future actions and trends based on the analyzed data.

Full-stack behavioral analytics is performed with a system that has an intuitive user interface, a query engine, as well as persistence and data ingest framework. For every service on the backend, there is a frontend user interface feature.

Full-stack behavioral analytics solutions are designed for flexibility, allowing you to dig into answering questions with your data. You should be able to create the metrics you need within the analytics interface, and the solution must be able to scale with the growing needs of your company.

Interactive behavioral analytics is the ability to instantly answer any question about the behavior of people and things interacting with digital services. 

Scuba continuously ingests event data produced by all of your applications, services, and data pipelines and makes it available for ad hoc exploration via an intuitive, visual interface. Scuba makes it fast and easy for product managers, marketers, customer support and other groups to do their own analysis independently with no limits to the questions they can ask.

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