A flow property is a user-created object associated with a flow.

For example, you could define a flow property that counts the number of errors users encounter during a sequence of actions. Then you can use this property to compute the number of errors.

When you create a flow property, you select a method. We can think about two types of methods:

  • A flow property that uses the show method aggregates over the events that belong to each flow instance and produces a single value for each flow instance. When you create a flow property using the show method, you can choose objects that are tied to the events (that is, event properties, actor properties, and flow properties).

  • A flow property that uses label, filter, calculate, or flow time performs comparisons or arithmetic with other flow properties, actor properties, and/or literal values. These also produce a single value for each flow instance. You can create a label, filter, calculate, or flow time flow property using objects related to your flow, and you can access actor properties, but you can't access event properties.

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