This example demonstrates how to drill into a flow and analyze user engagement that ends with conversion, or navigating away from the site. Our example measures actors who complete a purchase.

Prerequisite: Successfully create a flow to generate results.

Modifying a flow

  1. For a granular view of events occurring after a movie purchase, open the flow in Explore as follows:

    1. Click Explore in the left menu bar.

    2. In the first line of the query, click events and select the flow from the dropdown menu. If you don't see the flow in the data dropdown, check that the correct data table is selected at the top left of the page.

    3. Make sure that the Sankey view icon at the top center of the page is selected.

    4. Reapply any additional split by parameters to the default split by Flow Path. In our example, we also split by action.

    5. Click GO.

  2. Click on a successful step (marked by a colored vertical bar) in the flow diagram and choose See events immediately after this state from the list. For the example of our movie purchase flow, performing this action lets us see the five events that happen immediately after each user's first purchase_movie within the flow.The diagram filters to the events after this state and splits by flow path. We received the following results for our example flow.

  3. Hover the cursor over a flow path to view details for that specific path.

What's Next