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Dashboard (living)

Use Dashboards to collect and organize your queries, to use for yourself or share with your team. The dashboards are "living" because charts on the dashboards run directly against raw events and can be re-run by the user in seconds, and the user can learn and tweak the underlying query parameters when they re-run them.

Dashboards collect and organize stories of how people and devices behave. From a dashboard, you can bring any chart into the Explorer with a single click, see how the query was composed, experiment with the definition, and even drill down to the raw events. This helps you learn and understand exactly what you're seeing. Scuba dashboards are a point of collaboration: you get feedback on the story, ask for help, and find the most effective way to communicate the information. Dashboards are also waypoints during the exploration, a holding place for evolving queries and stories. Lastly, the stories and questions change over time. As business, products, and the market changes, so will the behavior captured in the data. 

As you explore your data, you can pin the results to a dashboard and share them with your team.

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