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Release Notes

Scuba Analytics is a continuous intelligence platform designed to unify customer experience management. Scuba empowers CX, BI, Product and data science teams to make real-time business decisions within a single view across all business silos.

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Introducing Scuba Version 5

We are excited to announce the release of Scuba v5! This release includes a number of performance and scale enhancements, improved no-code analytics experience, and privacy protection features.

Improved Performance at Scale

To match the scalability needs of our customers, we have enhanced the end-user experience when exploring large volumes of data and data properties. Scuba v5 Web Application and its supporting APIs have been re-architected and optimized for better performance. You can expect performance improvements, including:

  • Reduced web browser memory requirements by lazy loading and paginating results

  • Improved web application responsiveness by caching API calls

  • Improved overall cluster responsiveness by eliminating queries that users didn’t intentionally run

Improved No-Code Analytics Experience

Based on end-user research, we have re-designed the Scuba UI, while preserving the best components of Scuba v4’s UI, to create a more seamless experience, giving you the information you need faster and easier than before.

Scuba Explorer is now more powerful than ever. We’ve improved the interface so you can easily find the data you need while also being able to explore the details without having to leave the page. The new query menu and inspector drawer will be your new allies!

Scuba 5 Explorer

New Query Menu and Enhanced Search

The new query menu enables you to find knobs and save queries as you are building your queries in Explorer. We’ve also enhanced and added search capabilities so that you can find the right properties--not only by their name, but also by matching their description, and, for string properties, even their values.

Query Menu and Enhanced Search

Once you find interesting properties, the inspector drawer will enable you to quickly peek to see more details without leaving Explorer. You will be able to see the definition, permissions, and more.

Inspector Drawer

The combination of the query menu and the inspector drawer makes data management easier than ever. In Scuba 5, the query palette is integrated into the query menu. You’ll be able to quickly create properties right from Explorer by either cloning existing dictionary properties or creating brand-new ones. You can then customize them for the purpose of your query, and when you are done, you can even clone them into the Data Dictionary, so your colleagues across the organization can also benefit from them!

Creating & Using a Property

Cloning to Dictionary

To continue the Scuba mission of making advanced data analytics accessible to business users, advanced functions can be built now without having to write pseudo-code. You can even copy existing advanced functions and paste them into new query definitions! We hope that you find the new function editor simpler, faster, and more helpful overall.

No-code Advanced Function Builder

When you are satisfied with your query, it’s time to get ready for executive showcasing! In Scuba v5, Boards now have improved visualizations, providing you with neat and crisp views--and are ready for presentation, printing, or sending to your teammates.

We have enhanced Boards capabilities so you can focus on your insights. The controls are hidden until they are needed, and when opening Boards, they will always show cached visualizations while the newest insights are refreshed in the background. The drawer inspector is also available here for use, where you’ll be able to address your sharing and more advanced needs found in Scuba v4.

View of Board in Scuba 5

While designing Scuba v5, we wanted to elevate the visibility and accessibility of insights by putting them front and center. Scuba v5 enables admins to create groups to organize boards, so key audiences can quickly find them. Also, finding your own or the company’s favorite insights is now just one click away.

Board Quick Filters and Board Groups

Other Scuba v4 features are also available in Scuba v5, such as Data Dictionary and Signals, each having their own separate spaces to enhance their functionality in the near future. Apps such as Retention, A/B, and Distribution, have been now consolidated within Explorer, so they can also leverage the query menu and inspector drawer, and soon query properties too!

Data Dictionary


Apps now in Explorer

The Most Advanced Privacy Protection: New Multi-Cluster Architecture

Scuba v5 is designed and built to support the highest stakes of privacy protection without compromising the ability to gather actionable insights. In addition to supporting encrypting data at rest, with Scuba v5 our customers are able to deploy connected clusters to keep data from leaving protected boundaries, such as specific geographical regions.

The new multi-cluster architecture allows users to run queries across all clusters with automated restrictions to preserve sensitive information, such as PII. Such restrictions can be set via our managed services at the property level, and Scuba will ensure that the value of such properties is not revealed outside of the protected boundary.

Response when running a query that would otherwise reveal sensitive information

When needed, users can still run queries in their own cluster without restrictions by just switching a toggle, as it was with Scuba v4. All these functionalities are presented with simplicity in mind, so Scuba users can continue focusing on gathering insights, while in the background data privacy is always protected.

Toggle to switch from running queries in multi-cluster or in the users' local cluster

We are confident that the new and improved Scuba will provide you with a better experience. We encourage you to try it out and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you for your continued support!

-Scuba Analytics Team

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