This document introduces new features included in Scuba release 3.11.

New features

Scuba release 3.11 includes the following new features:

  • Table-level RBAC in the Scuba UI

  • Sankey comparisons

  • In-product help for functions

  • Visualizations for knowledge objects

  • Retention module Beta

  • Additional enhancements

Table-level RBAC controls in the Scuba UI

Admins can specify which Scuba roles have access to each dataset directly in the Scuba UI. See Manage users and roles with RBAC.

Sankey comparisons

You can now compare two or more Sankey diagrams on the same page.


This can help you identify differences between patterns of behavior between different populations.

In-product help for functions

When you're adding a function in the query builder, now you can click to get an explanation and an example of how to use the function.

To access the new help text from a field in the query builder, first type an equals sign to see a list of functions available.


Then click on a function to see its description, usage, and an example.


Visualizations for user-created objects

When you're working with an event, flow, or actor property and you click to get more information about the property, the details now include a visualization of the distribution of the property's values.


Retention module Beta

We've streamlined the process to create a retention or engagement analysis.

The retention module is accessed from the left menu. When you open the module, it presents a prefilled valid query for your dataset.


You can segment your analysis by splitting by any actor property.

After you click Go, the retention module displays two visualizations, a line chart and a table.


You can switch to engagement analysis by toggling after to before.


You can also filter the events of interest to specific events or segments of interest.

To enable the retention module, which is a Beta product and might change in future releases, contact your technical account manager.

See Analyze user retention or engagement with the retention module for more information.

Additional enhancements

Scuba version 3.11 contains the following additional user experience enhancements:

  • Improved messaging during maintenance windows.

  • Ability to copy a filter to the next stage when building a property.