This document introduces new features included in Scuba release 3.2, as well as listing newly resolved and known issues.

  • New Features

  • Resolved issues

  • Known issues

New features 

This section provides a high-level description of the new features included in release 3.2:

  • Chart options

  • Sunburst charts

Chart options

Scuba 3.2 provides new chart options that allow you to refine the display of query results without rerunning the query:

  • Hide a measure—You can select chart options to hide and redisplay a measure with equal ease. For more information, see Refining chart display results.

  • Stacked charts—You can group the results in bar chart displays with the Stacked by chart option. For more information, see Refining chart display results.

  • Display values on top of each bar—You can choose to show the values on top of each bar. For stacked bars, the sum of all values stacked on the bar is shown. For more information, see Refining chart display results.

Sunburst charts

Sunburst charts effectively display hierarchical data. Each hierarchy level of the sunburst chart is shown as a ring or circle. The innermost circle is the root (or top) of the hierarchy. Rings are sliced up and divided based on their hierarchical relationship to the parent slice. For more information, see Using sunburst charts.

Resolved issues   

The following issues were resolved in Release 3.2.


Splitting a Sankey view query by a DAY_OF_WEEK function expression caused a query error.


You could not use privacy purge or selective delete to delete null values.

Known issues   

The following are known issues in Release 3.2:

  • Board queries are only re-run when you view a board.

  • For day_of_week functionality, you must enter it directly into Explorer.


If you type a "space" character while selecting a property in a dropdown within the Explorer, the dropdown will display results that do not match the typeahead, and after selecting a value, the query will not work properly. The workaround is to avoid typing a "space" character while selecting a property in the dropdown.


Selecting the "is previous to state" flow operator directly from Explorer can cause a query error. To achieve this use case, run a Sankey view query and use the chart interactions.


You are unable to show aggregations of both actor properties and event / flow properties within the same query.


When viewing a flow in Sankey view and then toggling into another view, the query will fail if there are event properties present in the split by field. The workaround is to manually remove all event properties from the split by field.  


The function builder cannot correctly select objects whose names contain square brackets. The workaround is to avoid using square brackets in object names; curly braces, parenthesis, and angle brackets will work instead. 


Choosing "1 year ago" to "now" in Explorer did not give intuitive results, as it selected the most recent complete year which may not have included any recent data. Using "1 year ago exactly" to "now" goes back in time one year from the exact current time. This same distinction exists for all calendar time units.


All property names must be unique within the scope of a given table, even if they belong to different flows or actors. As a best practice, we recommend that users should name flow properties "<flow name> <property name>" so the names will be unique and easy to recognize within the property picker. 


When defining a flow, the flow builder option "End flow when condition in last step occurs" might be slightly confusing. If this condition occurs while the flow is in the next-to-last state, then the flow will transition to the last state and immediately end. However, if the flow is in an earlier state when this condition occurs, the flow will abort without reaching the last step. 


When using actor properties with different timespecs, there are situations in which queries will fail or give results where the contents of one measure impact the results of other measures.


First or Last on Flow properties fail, when the flow properties does an aggregation of Count unique


Dashboard filters and Global filters do not work in views other than sankey


Event path filtering when split by termination reason does not work

HIG-15651, HIG-15639

Ordering by actor properties fails outright in time view, and in table view will give incorrect results.


Occasionally, a query hangs for up to 60 seconds before it executes. (This slowdown is due to an nginx bug with load balancing, and seems to occur more often right after a server restart.) Workaround: Refresh the browser tab. 


Taking an average of an actor property value does not include actors whose actor property has a value of zero.