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Level 1 - Question 11


Build an Explore query using Sankey view that will return a count of users filtered to all user actors. Split the query by referrer, device type and region. The time range should start 7 days ago and end now.

Take Note:

Sankey view is a very powerful visualization that can be used both to represent a customer journey but also the horizontal relationship between different elements of your customers events. In this query we’re returning a count of unique users filtered to all user actors, and we’re now splitting by 3 different fields (referrer, device type, and region). Each of the 3 is represented in the Sankey as their own “column” and the many to many relationships are visualized across. Sankey view also allows you to easily hover click and interact to generate a new query. Try it out.


Note: The numbers and result does not need to be an exact match as the data changes over time. The query construction is what is most important. See images below.

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