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Level 1 - Question 13


Build an Explore query that determines which day of the week (M-F) has the most purchase events. Build a query that uses table view that will return a count of events, filtered to action that matches purchase starting 1 month ago ending now. In the split by field use the =day_of_week function against timestamp to determine which day has the most purchase events.

Take Note:

Using functions in Scuba is very helpful when trying to get very specific results that might require a more manual or technical approach to answering the question. Scuba incorporates a vast array of functions including the ability to use regex, if statements, a variety of time related calculations and more. Also note that every function includes a pop out window that shows you exactly how to use the function, with a description and examples. When you enter the = sign into any input box in Scuba you might notice a small button to the right like this:

This will allow you to pop out a calculation building workspace so you can more easily define whatever it is you're working towards.


Note: The numbers and result does not need to be an exact match as the data changes over time. The query construction is what is most important. See images below.

*Click to enlarge*

Copy the exact syntax as you see it below in the split by to split the results of measure 1 by the days of the week.


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