Build an Explore query using bar view that returns the count of users split by gender that shows the percent of users who are male and female.

Additional Context

Measure 1 should return a count of unique user actors that is filtered to all user actors. In the bottom of measure 1 you should see "as a fraction of".

This will only appear if you're using bar view and have already entered gender as your split by. When you click on as a fraction of when you select this you can choose from all or gender. Selecting all will show each gender as a fraction of the total count of users. Using chart options switch the format to percent and display values at the top of the bar.

Take Note:

As a fraction of becomes very helpful when trying to differentiate percent among values in a split by. In this case we’re seeing the break down of 2 items, but if you have dozens it is very convenient to see how those values are broken down as a percentage of the whole rather than raw counts. This is heavily used in line view queries and other retention related analysis.


Note: The numbers and result does not need to be an exact match as the data changes over time. The query construction is what is most important. See images below.

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