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Level 3 - Question 50


Build an explore query that counts users who had at least 1 active day in the last month, but no active days 1 month before and 2 months before the last month. These are new users (they were never active until this last month)

Additional Context

Build a query in explore using bar view that returns new users in the last month by using the actor properties built in questions 47, 48, and 49. This query will use 1 Measure that returns a count of unique user actors filtered to user actors with the actor property built in question 47 that is greater than 0, and user actors with the actor property built in question 48 that matches zero, and user actors with the actor property built in question 49 that matches zero. Starting 2 months ago and ending now.

Take Note:

Now we’re putting it all together to determine New Users. A new user could be someone who has been active in the most recent trailing 1 month, but has not had activity in the previous month or the month before that. We can now do this with the properties we created and then count the number of active days they’ve had. For example, if a users has had greater than 0 active days in the most recent month, but their active days matches 0 for the previous month and month before that then they’re considered new , because they did generate a month in this event but did not generate events in the previous 2 months.


Note: The numbers and result do not need to be an exact match as the data changes over time. The query construction is what is most important. See images below.

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