Similar to question 56 use line view, to build a query from the actor property created in question 57and the event property created in question 46 that will show the daily rate of retention for users based on whether they did or did not have a search event (not matter how many search events) in their first week.

Additional Context

Build an explore query using line view that will look at differences in retention and return users who did or did not search in their first 7 days of being a user. Measure 1 should return a count of unique user actors filtered to all user actors, split by the actor property created in question 46 with a limit of 25, and a separate split by that uses the actor property created in question 57 with a limit of 25. Measure 1 should include "as a fraction of..." the actor property built in question 57. This query should start from the beginning of time and end now.

Take Note:

Retention adds the most value when you can determine what is causing users to be retained. In this example we can easily see that users who did a certain action are more likely to be retained. We achieved all of this by nesting actor properties.


Note: The numbers and result do not need to be an exact match as the data changes over time. The query construction is what is most important. See images below.

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