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Practice Problems - Level 2

Use our Exploratory Cluster to build and learn how to build queries in Scuba.

The objective of the Practice Problem training guide is to build the necessary problem solving skills that aid in successful usage of Scuba. This guide is intended to be used as a self guided training syllabus where users should follow the questions in numerical order based on the question number. Each question will gradually get more difficult and will build the necessary problem solving skills to progress forward. These practice problems pair with a dashboard, where the solution for every question is available for users to reverse engineer, copy or use for any purpose.

Each question will have a solution section that shows how each query is constructed in the UI. Some questions will also include an additional context section. Try your best to see if you can figure out the solution without using the additional context or solution sections. Each question also includes a “take note” section that will highlight the key takeaways and give additional advice about using Scuba.

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