Welcome to the Scuba Training Center. The training center is a self guided set of content aimed at teaching users how to use Scuba from the very basic down to the highly complex and it is broken into two parts.

Video Library

Explore our Video Library which includes a set of instructional videos that cover topics from what scuba is and how it works, down to in depth details about how to build specific types of analysis like retention.

Self-Guided Practice Problems

The Scuba Training Center also has a self guided training course. This training course will take you through 3 different levels of practice problems. Each level will include a set of questions, each question attempts to have you build a query or solve a problem. The objective is to go through each level in order (1,2,3) and answer each question in order as well. The question number in each of the levels also corresponds to panel living on a dashboard that can be found on our Training Center Cluster. There is one dashboard for each level, and the question number matches the panel number. For example Level 1 - Question 1 corresponds to the Practice Problems 1 dashboard and panel #1. This can be used to help solve questions you’re struggling with.

For any additional help please reach out to our support team at support@scuba.io.