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Scuba Training Videos

Enjoy a library of video content that gives both high level and in depth views as to what Scuba is, how it works, and how you can get value from it.

Intro to Scuba Continuous Intelligence

An introduction video to Scuba Analytics that provides a walkthrough of what our product has to offer and a brief walkthrough of our UI and some of the features included in the product.

What is Scuba Analytics? - Intro to The Scuba UI

Another great introductory video for beginners, who can get a more in depth view into the features and functionality of our UI and how to

How to Build Queries in Scuba Analytics' Explore

Learn how to use our Explore feature to build ad-hoc queries, interpreting output, using our visualizations and get lightning fast answers to your most important questions.

How to Use Calculations in a Query

Take your queries further by building on the fly calculations inside our Explore feature.

Defining Functions

Build the most advanced queries and get the exact answers you need by using pre-built functions in any query in Scuba.

'Time Options' with Scuba Analytics

Learn how to perfect your time view visualizations by using our time options. Get the exact views you need displayed over time.

Exploring 'As A Fraction Of' in Scuba Analytics

Easily transform your measures into a fraction with our built in “As A Fraction Of” feature in every measure you build.

Diving into Scuba Analytics Data Tab

Explore, understand and manage your data sets. Build new event based aggregations, create new definitions and define segments that matter to you.

Event Properties in Scuba Analytics

Learn everything about what Event Properties are, how to build your own and what value you can get from them.

Actor Properties with Scuba Analytics

Learn everything about what Actor Properties are, how to build your own and what value you can get from them.

Event and Actor Scope When to use Actor or Event Property

Better understand the differences in query results when using Actor and Event Properties.

Discover Scuba Analytics 'Line View' capabilities

Unlock the power of Line Visualizations in Explore to build some of the most powerful and informative queries in Scuba, like Retention.

Retention In Scuba Analytics 'Explore'

Learn what is causing your customers to be Retained, to Churn, Return and understand what is Engaging your customers.

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