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Manage Objects and Queries

Personalize your workspace by controlling the display of objects you've created or that have been shared with you, inspect query history, and manage objects.

  • Change the visibility of properties

    Manage your workspace by changing the display of properties that you've created or that have been shared with you.

  • Manage properties

    After your property lists become extensive, you'll still want to be able to find the properties you need quickly. This article shows you how to search (filter) for properties, as well as how to delete obsolete properties.

  • View query history

    Scuba preserves the session query history, on a per-user basis. This is helpful when you want to return to a query from the current browser session, or return to a query you ran during an earlier session. Scuba lets you view past queries with data from when the queries were originally run. You can use these queries as jumping off points from which to create new queries.

  • Next steps

    After completing the Scuba tutorial, you can continue to enhance your Scuba skills and deepen your expertise in exploring data for behavioral analytics. The following resources provide a broad base for continued learning.

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