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SCUBALITE for The Azure Marketplace


Scuba Analytics is an industry leader in providing the ability to understand the most important ad-hoc questions about customer experience in real-time. Scuba enables users to digest, analyze, and act on data without time-consuming barriers and provides actionable results to change businesses. Now, Scuba is offering a new version of Scuba Enterprise, SCUBALITE for Azure Marketplace.

SCUBALITE is easily deployed by anyone in Azure, can be found on the Azure Marketplace, and does not require installation by our Scuba managed service. With SCUBALITE, users are able to quickly deploy, install, and import data entirely on their own, with the help of our guides, documentation, and videos. SCUBALITE allows users to perform iterative, no-code analysis against their real-time, streaming denormalized data. Scuba gives anyone across a company the ability to ask in-depth ad-hoc questions without relying on data science teams, lengthy extract, transform, load (ETL) jobs, data cleansing for one-off queries, or dealing with static dashboards you can only do surface level filtering on.

Now, to learn more about getting started with Scuba and using SCUBALITE, take the following steps:

  • Head over to our SCUBALITE deployment guide to set up your deployment on an Azure machine

  • Check out the Scuba channel to learn with our videos

  • Check the Scuba User Guides and the Glossary for additional content on connecting, discovering, and activating data.

At any step of the way, if you need additional assistance, contact our expert team.

Scuba Installation Process and Workflow

Below lists the order of installation processes and the reference materials that should be used for each step.

  1. Deploy a Scuba Instance

  2. Import Data into Scuba

  3. Access the Scuba UI

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