Scuba Lite Overview

Scuba Analytics is an industry leader in providing the ability to understand the most important ad-hoc questions about customer experience in real-time. Scuba enables users to digest, analyze, and act on data without time-consuming barriers and provides actionable results to change businesses. Now, Scuba is offering a new version of Scuba Enterprise, Scuba Lite for Azure Marketplace.

Scuba Lite is easily deployed by anyone in Azure, can be found on the Azure Marketplace, and does not require installation by our Scuba managed service. With Scuba Lite, users are able to quickly deploy, install, and import data entirely on their own, with the help of our guides, documentation, and videos. Scuba Lite allows users to perform iterative, no-code analysis against their real-time, streaming denormalized data. Scuba gives anyone across a company the ability to ask in-depth ad-hoc questions--without relying on data science teams, lengthy ETL jobs, data cleansing for one-off queries, or dealing with static dashboards you can only do surface level filtering on.

Please take a moment to read through our Scuba Lite user guide to understand and familiarize yourself with basic Scuba concepts and processes. Also, please head over to our YouTube Channel, User Guides and Glossary for additional training content on how to start analyzing your customer experience. For any additional assistance please reach out and Talk to an Expert.

Scuba Installation Process and Workflow

Below lists the order of installation processes and the reference materials that should be used for each step.

  1. Deploy a Scuba Instance

  2. Confirm Data Requirements Are Met

  3. Download and Edit the config.json File

  4. Import Data into Scuba

  5. Access the Scuba UI

Users can also follow steps for creating a storage account and container to have an endpoint for a data pipeline.

For any additional questions please reach out to Talk to an Expert.