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Deploy Scuba Lite on Azure

Scuba Lite is a full-stack customer experience analysis platform that offers a time series data warehouse, a built-in query engine, and a no-code UI.

To start analyzing, your dataset only should have a timestamp for each event and at minimum one shard key. Our time series data warehouse only requires that your dataset has a timestamp and at a minimum one shard key. Although not required, we also highly encourage that the data be stateful, so each row has an identifier of an event occurring at that timestamp. This allows Scuba’s platform to easily analyze sequences of customer interactions over time.

Take the following three steps to begin your deployment of Scuba Lite. When beginning your deployment there are three main steps:

At the end, you will have a fully functioning Scuba Lite environment, where you can access the Scuba UI easily.

Let’s get started by setting up the working environment.

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