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4.10 Release Notes

Welcome to the 4.10 release of Scuba. Over the past few months, our team has been working hard on various infrastructure initiatives, most notably a refactor of our build/deploy model which shaves days off configuration (aptly called Catapult). While this work isn’t visible to most customers, it was a massive undertaking and we wanted to be sure to call it out!

In terms of features and functionality, this release contains a number of UI/UX improvements as well as select backend enhancements. 

  • Backend

    • Support for IPv6

    • Load new lookup tables with any downtime

    • Email dashboard enhancements

    • Performance improvements

  • Frontend

    • Calendar updates

    • Bar chart value display fix

    • Admin favoriting process updated for consistency

    • UI messaging generalized for query results not found due to cache purges

    • Disable query auto-run when viewing knobs

  • Infrastructure

    • Improved logging for monitoring import

    • Enhanced backup configuration support


Support for IPv6

In Scuba, we have Import Nodes which are responsible for ingesting new event data while distributing it across the Data and String Nodes. In addition to this, the Import Tier also enriches data. As of this release, we will support enrichment for both IPv4 and IPv6 values out of the box. For example, if you are given an IPv6 address such as 2600:387:5:805::66, Scuba will automatically generate additional metadata including, ip.region, 


Calendar Updates

We fixed a pesky calendar issue where the calendar would shift its position when a user tried to navigate to different months. We also fixed a bug that looked for invalid dates in the calendar.

Numbers for Bar Chart No Longer Cut Off

Scuba users use the product because of its scalability and often, this means that we deal with some really large numbers. Unfortunately, when viewed in a bar chart, sometimes these values would get cut off so we’ve added some logic to make sure this doesn’t happen. 


Admin Favoriting Process

To avoid accidental favoriting or unfavoriting by admins and to ensure a consistent experience throughout the product, we’ve updated the UI for all instances of starring/favoriting. Now, any time an admin clicks on any star for any knob - be it a board, actor/event property, measure, or otherwise - they will be prompted to select it as a favorite for all users or just for themselves. 


Improved Logging for Import Monitoring

Customers rely on Scuba to analyze their most critical data. To ensure that data arrives on time, we have enhanced import logging to identify pipeline issues earlier, so that your data flows are not interrupted.


Looking forward, here are a couple items on our roadmap:

  • API to UI

  • Data Collectors/Connectors

  • Query Alerting

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