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4.12 Release Notes

Welcome to the Scuba Analytics Q3 2021 release (4.12).

The 4.12 release is part of our continuous product development to provide actionable insights and leverage messaging platforms like Slack (Teams is next!) to expand data collaboration across CX teams with ease.

New Features:

  • GA Release of Scuba Signals (from 4.11 beta) with support for Slack

  • Embedded Insights via API enhancements from 4.11 release

  • Dashboard Refresh enhancements 

  • Retention View (App) Updates

  • BQL support for lookup tables 

  • BQL enhancements that enable you to name measures and apply time offsets

  • Further UI and performance enhancements

Scuba Signals v1

  • Slack Support

  • Numerical Thresholds

It only takes a few steps to create a Signal and be notified when important milestones occur within your data.

  1. Build your query in explorer with one or more measures

  2. Execute your query and review results

  3. Click the Signals tab & fill out a name and description

  4. Set the condition that you want to be alerted on, this can be a comparison of multiple measures in your query or comparing a single measure to a numerical value or percentage.

  5. Set the interval that you want your signal to run - based on this schedule Scuba will run your query in the background and only alert you if your condition is met.

  6. Choose to get a Slack notification to one or more channels or DMs. You can also have an email sent to any of your Scuba users.

Dashboard Refresh Enhancements

In order to give users more control over their dashboards refresh rates and cluster performance, we’ve introduced support for On Demand dashboards. You can now choose for your dashboards to refresh on schedule or only when a user views them, giving you more control of your data and analyses.

Retention View Updates

We’re excited to announce two often-requested enhancements to our retention view.

First is the inclusion of volume metrics within the chart data points, so that you can see the total number of impacted actors along with the percentages. Second is a change to the way that the last date is handled within our retention calculation to remove the perceived “fall-off” effect when ending a period.

BQL Support for Lookup Tables

Enhancement to BQL to allow querying of lookup tables. This makes it possible to use lookup tables as a measure, as part of an order by, as part of a group by, or as part of a with clause.


select count_unique (zipcode of user) as zipcodes, count_unique (user) as users from test_data group by zipcode of user limit 10 order by zipcodes desc, events asc

Bug Fixes & Other Enhancements

With 4.12, we continue to evolve the Scuba UI to be more user friendly and streamlined. In this release we’ve focused on resizing behavior, loading performance and button consistency. Some other specific updates include:

  • Adding loading screens / animations to more clearly alert users when panels/pages are being updated

  • Updating Distribution View to reduce clipping of panels for some resolutions

  • Updating the Explore summary panel to reduce clipping

  • Modifying Explore resizing to handle more browser resolutions and mu

  • Resolved icon issues with the Download and Samples icons

  • Added support for hiding the Popularity column from the UI

  • Added support for Managed Identities with Azure clusters

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