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4.2 Release Notes

Scuba release 4.2 includes the ability to create an information banner, the ability for Support to set a default page for your users, improvements to advanced filters and chart options, and several other enhancements and bug fixes.

New features

Scuba release 4.2 includes the following new features:

  • An admin can now create an information banner at the top of every page in Scuba in their environment. This lets them communicate system information with their users.

  • An admin can now set a default starting page in Scuba for their users by contacting Scuba support. This can be any page within Scuba, for example the custom information page or a board or query.

  • Advanced filters have received several improvements. To access advanced filters, in the query builder, click "Split by" or "Filtered to", then type an equals sign and click the external window icon to open the Advanced Operations window. The improvements include:

    • Adding suggestions for values.

    • Adding some validation for expressions.

    • Removing nonsensical options from the expression matcher drop-downs.

  • Improved chart options in Explore as well as apps, including a new "clear all" button, several bug fixes, and internal logging.

Additional enhancements

Some items in the query builder have new labels for clarity:

  • "Compare" changed to "add measure".

  • "Split by options" had only one option, order by. Changed text to say "order by".

  • The sampled button has been restyled.

Interana 4.2 query builder user interface

Small updates to the emailed dashboard dialog for consistency.

Fixed issues

Distribution view fixed issues

The following bug fixes in distribution view are included in Scuba 4.2:

  • Export now works with a query that includes a split by.

  • The "clear all" button now respects the dataset selection.

  • Absolute start date can now be more consistently changed to relative start date.

  • UI now displays a warning when filtering on an incorrectly scoped event property. See Scuba query concepts for BQL users for more information about scope.

Retention view fixed issues

The following bug fixes in retention view are included:

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a user typed an invalid time unit and then tried to open a dropdown.

  • Splitting by an actor property with a trailing window now uses the correct time specification.

  • Initial fix to a bug where some "as fraction of" results were displaying as over 100%. In this situation, for now the highest result is pinned to 100%.

  • UI now displays a warning when filtering on an incorrectly scoped event property. See Scuba query concepts for BAQL users for more information about scope.

Additional fixed issues

Scuba release 4.2 includes the following fixed issues:

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when referencing other properties in a flow property.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the column dropdown from appearing after aggregators were changed.

  • Fixed a bug where clicking on an item in a dropdown sometimes did not highlight the item.

  • Matcher fixed bugs:

    • matcher expression typed out in lowercase (not selected from dropdown) now provides suggestions.

    • using two properties as arguments for string match functions no longer fails

  • The ability to edit the title of a raw event property is now restricted to UX admins.

  • Chart legends:

    • Improved support for legend labels when using "Day of week" functions.

    • Legends now show human-readable time instead of epoch time.

  • Improved handling of/support for:

    • Using a calculate-method flow property in a definition for a label-method flow property.

    • Using a calculate-method actor property in a definition for a label-method actor property.

    • An identifier actor used in a filter or split by in a Sankey or a saved measure.

    • Editing a filter then changing the actor in a query palette property.

    • Using  an actor pre-filter in Explore to analyze a flow.

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