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4.3 Release Notes

Scuba release 4.3 includes default prefilters, improved context menus in visualizations, BAQL support for "is not empty", chart options for A/B view, GA query palette, minor UI improvements, and bugfixes.

New features

Scuba release 4.3 includes the following new features:

  • An admin can now create a sticky global prefilter (that is, a default prefilter that applies to all queries). This allows you to set up a prefilter that excludes data from users' experience.

  • Added options to context menus in visualizations as follows:

    • Filtering to and out of charts and legends for pie charts, bar charts, non-flow Sankey charts, and line charts.

    • Trend view for line charts, pie charts, and non-flow Sankey and bar charts.

    • Hide/show a bar in a bar chart.

      To use these expanded context menus, in Explore, create a visualization and click on an element of the chart.

  • BAQL now supports "is not empty".

Additional improvements

Scuba release 4.3 includes the following additional improvements:

Fixed issues

Scuba 4.3 includes the following fixed issues:

  • A filter added with some evaluation (e.g., MATCHES) that then gets changed to CONTAINS now returns expected results.

  • Corrected some behavior around deleted panels from boards. Panels with deleted data ("corrupted panels") can now successfully be deleted from a board.

  • Improved error messaging around incorrectly using shard keys.

  • Fixed an issue where a lookup table was incorrectly correlating with multiple actors that are shard keys.

  • Fixed several bugs related to scope mixing.

  • Fixed several minor UI bugs.

  • Improved accuracy of the percentage displayed for flows with drop-ins.

  • Clarified UI text around filtering to a flow in both the query builder and the flow property definition.

  • Fixed an error in calculate type measures. A measure can now have zero as a numerator.

  • Fixed issues involving incorrect property scope in distribution view.

  • Improved query performance in retention view by querying over all time only when necessary.

  • Fixed an error that prevented multiple A/B view queries from running simultaneously.

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