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4.1 Release Notes

Scuba release 4.1 includes simplified top-level UI, unified chart options, the ability to query using information from a flow, distribution view improvements, and additional enhancements and bugfixes.

New features

Scuba release 4.1 includes the following features:

  • Simplified top-level UI

  • Unified chart options

  • Ability to query using information from a flow

  • Distribution view improvements

  • Advanced filter workspace

  • Additional enhancements and bugfixes

Simplified top-level UI

Simplified navigation includes the following:

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 5.49.04 PM.png
  • Consolidating A/B view, Distribution, Flows, and Retention into a single Apps catalog.

  • Consolidating event properties (previously labeled "Events" in the UI), actor properties (previously labeled "Actors" in the UI), flows, and measures into a new Data model area.

Unified chart options

Chart options for visualizations in Explore have been unified for consistency.


Some default display options in number view have changed, as follows:

Chart option

Pre-4.1 default value

4.1 default value

Number format

Scientific notation

to two decimal places

Ability to clear formatting options



Format example provided



Ability to add quantities with different units, with confusing results



Query properties based on their presence in a flow or flow step

You can now use flows and flow steps as a filter when querying events. This allows you to measure the distribution of any event property at any stage of a flow.

You can specify a flows and flow states as a filter as you would any other filter. 

Additionally, there is a new EVENT_FLOW_STATE expression that allows you to split any event-based query into which step or flow it exists in.

See Query on stages in a flow in the User's Guide.

Distribution view enhancements

Distribution view includes several improvements, as follows:

  • The ability to export query results as a CSV file.

  • Results formatted as percentages (available in every tool tip as well as in the chart options).

  • Cumulative results (available in tool tips and chart options).

  • Results formatted as percentiles. To display axes as a percentile, in chart options, select both normalized percent and cumulative. The tool tip always displays the percentile (like normalized percent and cumulative).

  • The number of split-bys is limited to 1 for digestibility.

  • Splitting an actor property by an event property is now restricted.

  • You can now save a distribution view that you have edited from a pinned view.

See Analyze a distribution in the User's Guide.

Advanced filter workspace


You can now open up a workspace to work with advanced filters.

Additional enhancements and bugfixes

Scuba version 4.1 includes the following general enhancements:

  • The retention app can now limit the number of split-bys to prevent visual overload. Set the limit in the query definition. When you use the split-by limit, it acts like the flow path limit. That is, it displays the message Results shown reflect top 0.01% of all results in query; remaining 99.99% are not shown.

  • When aggregating over actors, you can now select an actor property of a different actor.

Scuba version 4.1 includes the following bugfixes:

  • Typeahead for start date now works in Firefox.

  • Retention app queries pinned before 3.15 now correctly display.

  • Improved error messaging around exporting flows and flow properties.

  • Improved guardrails to prevent defining invalid filters.

  • Typeahead suggestions are now sorted alphabetically.

  • Fixed a bug related to incorrectly copying sharded lookup tables.

  • Fixed a problem deleting an item from a query sentence due to the query sentence being reformatted. Now the delete (minus) buttons on a sentence are all available if any part of the sentence is being moused over.

  • Incremental improvements in deactivated user sharing experience.

  • Improved some lagging typing behavior in the UI.

  • Fixed a bug causing a split by label flow property in a sankey to fail.

  • A/B view can now accept calculate method actor properties with multiple performance measures.

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