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4.4 Release Notes

Scuba release 4.4 includes a redesign of chart hover cards, the ability to hide the query share button, improvements to the advanced filter expression builder, the general availability of distribution view, and several resolved issues.


New features

Scuba release 4.4 contains the following new features:

  • Distribution view is now generally available. See Analyze a distribution in the User's Guide.

  • Chart hover cards have been redesigned for better readability, especially for numbers.

Additional improvements

Scuba 4.4 contains the following additional improvements:

  • The Every aggregation can now aggregate over a set. See Compare actor or flow properties on the fly with sets in the User's Guide.

  • An Scuba admin can now ask to hide the query share button in Explore and apps, which copies a query URL for sharing in an external messaging application. This discourages users from sharing queries that use properties that others do not have access to, especially in a cluster with a strict RBAC model. To hide the query share button, contact your technical account manager. See Share an object with other users in the User's Guide.

  • Improvements to the advanced filter expression builder:

    • Flow operations are now validated.

    • Better support for static values functions and day of week strings in MATCHES.

    • Improved validation in MATCHES.

    • Fixed a bug where parentheses were not being respected.

    • Fixed a bug, and also provide suggestions with filtering to an event flow step.

    • Context-based typeahead suggestions.
      See Calculate measures and filter in the expression builder in the User's Guide.

  • The default limit in the retention app has changed from 25 to 10. See Analyze user retention or engagement with the retention module in the User's Guide.

  • The table view context menu now lets you filter to, filter out, or view a trend. This is consistent with context menus in other views

  • The CLI flag for deleting a folder (time range) changed from --i'm-feeling-lucky to --by-folder for clarity. See the CLI reference in the Admin Guide.

  • Moved schedule server processes into subprocesses for better visibility into memory usage.

Resolved issues 

Scuba 4.4 contains the following resolved issues:

  • The following issues around boards:

    • Fixed a bug preventing panels from being renamed.

    • Chart controls on a pinned panel can now be edited.

    • Fixed a bug where creating a new, empty board included the last panel you pinned to a different board.

    • Improved load time of boards with several (cached) panels

  • Corrected some confusing behavior where your cursor would turn into a pointer so it looks like a part of the UI is clickable, when it in fact is not clickable. The fix means that the cursor no longer turns into a pointer in those locations, as follows:

    • The name of an app when you're in the app.

    • In Admin > Boards, the entries in the list of panels and the list of emailed reports.

  • The following issues related to queries:

    • The percentile function now works in BAQL.

    • Fixed an issue in which different trailing windows in a multimeasure query (where each measure has a different trailing window) were not being respected.

    • Dropdown list with "Flow ends after inactivity" is now in a more reasonable order.

    • Fixed a race condition that was causing query results to load slowly in the UI.

    • Fixed a bug with opening the URL to a query that uses a regex filter on a lookup column.

    • Fixed a bug that showed an error if a pre-filter used a lookup property that was sharded (that is, a lookup property joined to an actor).

  • Improvements to distribution view:

    • Improved rounding behavior for x-axis numbers greater than 100

    • The maximum number of group by bins increased from 100 to 1000.

  • Improvements to A/B view:

    • Fixed a bug related to time windows.

  • Fixed issues related to operations:

    • Fixed a bug with exporting a knowledge object that has been copied from a since-deleted knowledge object.

    • Improved import performance for data with many columns.

    • Empty columns that look like the base node of a URL are now hidden from the UI.

    • Removed requirement of cluster downtime while provisioning new nodes.

    • Changing a password at the CLI (without single sign-on) no longer requires sending an email.

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