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4.5 Release Notes

Scuba version 4.5 contains the following:

New features 

Scuba 4.5 includes the following new features:

  • Clickable text in the UI is now marked with a pill treatment.The pill color indicates whether the value is default (clear pill) or whether a user has selected the value (shaded pill).

  • In the Explore query builder only (not in the new property workflow), the ShowCalculate, and Use saved measure selector has been removed from the first position in the sentence.

    • Show is now implicit when used with the dropdown list of aggregations.

    • For Calculate, type an equals sign in the aggregations dropdown to access the expression builder.

    • While building an expression, type a left bracket [ to access saved properties or measures defined locally

  • You can now save board filters. See Save variants of a board with board filters in the User's Guide.

  • Panels in boards can be resized.

  • Improvements to privacy purge processes (for example, for GDPR compliance). In addition to the legacy ad hoc method of starting a privacy purge, you can now use an automated pipeline.

Additional improvements 

Scuba 4.5 includes the following additional improvements:

  • The retention app now lets you choose between first and first ever. First refers to the first time that an event occurred within the time window of the retention query. First ever refers to the first time the event occurred, even if the event is outside the retention window.

  • New flows have a default global timeout.

  • Flow timeouts have more realistic options in the dropdown. You can still enter any value by typing. See Understand flow definition conditions in the User's Guide.

  • You can now export data as a CSV file from time view, in addition to already being able to export from table view, the distribution app, and the sample data section. Measure and group values are now formatted the same way as in the charts and honor chart options formatting.

  • A/B view results are now bolded to correspond to significant measures (p<0.05), and the table includes a text legend.

  • UI improvements:

    • You can now right-click on "Explore/View" text in a panel or on the object name in the list view to open it in a new tab. Note that right-clicking requires you to click exactly on the text, whereas left-clicking works with less precise placement.

    • Fields where you can input text throughout the UI have been updated. Input boxes more clearly indicate that you can update the placeholder text. In panel, chart, and board name editing, a new component indicates when changes are ready to be saved.

Improvements to internal logging:

  • Structured log events in the usage loopback table that record user interactions with boards now include the board name, as boards.title.

  • Structured logs in the usage loopback table now report API calls (run query sync response id), including those made with BAQL (run query sync bql).

  • Structured logs in the usage loopback table now correctly record the process_id from the query API server.

  • Note that structured log improvements are only for events that occur after the upgrade, not events that happened before.


Resolved issues 

Resolve issues in apps:

  • New messaging in distribution view alerts you to a scope conflict when you distribute an event property and select an actor property. See Understand scope in the User's Guide for more information.

  • Fixed a bug in which editing an existing A/B view analysis caused the first measure to not display.

  • Fixed a bug in which the retention view time unit 0 did not start at 100% when a user's first event was filtered and split by actor property.

  • Retention view Start date now displays in the time zone that the rest of the UI is set to use.

  • Fixed a bug in retention view in which Chart options > Format > URL was not persisting.

Resolved UI fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in which some UI elements did not appear on MS Edge browser.

  • Fixed an issue with chart hover cards not displaying in some versions of MS Edge

  • Clicking a link when you set a split-by field as URL in chart controls now opens a new tab.

  • Fixed broken alignment of buttons in admin role management page when Announcement Banner is displayed

  • Fixed issues where Sample data section and Download CSV button in Explore were clickable over a wider area than intended.

  • Fixed an issue preventing you from using multiple lookup properties with the same name joined to separate event properties.

In the admin view:

  • Fixed slowness when adding a dataset with large number of columns to the available datasets list in Admin > User management.

  • Fixed an error when searching for panels in admin view.

In Explore:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the table visualization to crash when displaying a measure that returns a timestamp, with one or more split bys, transposing the table.

  • In Explore, in the results pane, the chart name now correctly persists after you click Go.


  • Fixed an issue in a flow definition preventing you from using a split by in an order by.

  • Fixed an issue in which splitting by "events leading up to this state" failed.

  • Fixed an issue in which flow preview legend key said "count unique values of <flow>" even when counting actors in a flow.

  • Added validation in Query Palette to complain when there's an invalid flow step as start or destination step.

  • Fixed an issue in which creating a flow, splitting by an event path, and displaying in a bar chart displayed inaccurate information. Splitting by flow path was unaffected.

Boards and panels:

  • Fixed issue preventing the editing of a newly duplicated panel.

  • Fixed issue preventing the editing of chart controls from a pinned panel.

Maintenance releases 

Scuba version 4.5 has the following maintenance releases:

  • 4.5.1, available March 11, 2020.

  • 4.5.2, available March 13, 2020.

  • 4.5.3, available March 17, 2020.

  • 4.5.4, available March 20, 2020.

  • 4.5.5, available March 20, 2020.

Version 4.5.1 maintenance release

Scuba version 4.5.1 contains the following changes:

  • A new object permission, query, in addition to the existing read and write permissions. This lets you share an object and all its associated dependent objects without populating other users' typeahead lists.

  • The expression builder now supports a limited IF function. This function does not currently support strings or validate that the "then" and "else" values have the same type, or recognize "enum" values like "January", "Monday", flow step names, or termination reasons. See Calculate measures and filters with the expression builder in the User's Guide.

  • Resolved an issue introduced in 4.5.0 with searching for boards in the board list.

  • Resolved an issue with CSV export of data. Now:

    • Exporting timestamp data shows human readable format.

    • Exporting DAY_OF_WEEK data shows human readable days (e.g., sunday, monday) rather than epoch time.

    • Exporting a distribution query split by ts or DAY_OR_WEEK now shows correct headers.

    • Exporting a multi measure query with split bys, and stacked by splits, now shows correctly formatted headers.

Version 4.5.2 maintenance release 

Scuba version 4.5.2 contains the following changes:

  • Resolved an issue preventing non-numeric aggregators from being used outside Table view, including on existing panels with number view.

  • Resolved an issue where flow step names were not displaying in panels.

  • Resolved an issue preventing a property using the IF function from being saved.

  • Resolved an issue with URL formatting in CSV export.

  • Resolved an issue with typing (not selecting) "auto" in the Ending time dropdown.

  • Resolved an issue navigating from the new flow builder to Data Model. 

Version 4.5.3 maintenance release 


Scuba version 4.5.3 includes the following improvements:

  • The IF command is now fully featured, including:

    • Validating that the "then" and "else" types match.

    • Supporting static value literals.

    • Improved property suggestions.

  • The query server timeout is now configurable. An ia_admin can configure it using the query_api query_timeout_ms setting.

Resolved issues 

Scuba version 4.5.3 includes the following resolved issues:

  • Resolved an issue using a custom event property that refers to a lookup property in a pre-filter. 

  • Resolved an issue in Distribution View where the x-axis was being cut off if you zoom in.

  • Resolved an issue where simply clicking the description of a board caused the board to display that you were the last to update the board.

  • Added splitby headers to CSV export from Table view.

  • Fixed an issue in AB View where deleting an experiment group then adding a new one introduced red shading to the new experiment.

Version 4.5.4 maintenance release 


Scuba maintenance release 4.5.4 contains the following improvements:

  • Messaging in the UI indicates when a data whale was filtered out.

  • The HTML Title of an Scuba browser window now identifies location path in the Scuba UI. This helps you distinguish between:

    • Several open tabs in a browser.

    • Several entries in the browser history.

  • The number of query-api-server processes is now configurable through an application setting num_processes.

Resolved issues 

Scuba maintenance release 4.5.4 contains the following resolved issues:


Previously entered filter in property builder replaces first parameter in IF function on save


User with read permission cannot grant query permission


Issue saving measure with IF from explore


Number of rows in CSV export doesn’t match number of rows in query


Retention view skipping empty days


Scope conflict occurs for an actor measure not using an event property if another measure uses an event property


In AB view, when using a “count events” actor property without time options, an error is triggered


Overlapping windows in the UI for AB view


Can't remove experiment group from A/B View list


Selecting start or end time in DST using calendar picker while currently in standard time results in input time in format YYYY-MM-DD 01:00 instead of YYYY-MM-DD 00:00


Deleting first flow when comparing two flows with different filters in sankey view causes invalid ordered by clause


Add error message when create actor property and fields invalid


Sankey view legend should have a default value


Clicking plus button for as fraction of does not open dropdown


In AB View, numerical columns should be right-aligned


Some points on line view do not have mouseover info


Calendar picker should clear invalid value in start/end date


Pressing tab twice after typing start time/end time/offset in time range picker resets the field to 8 hours ago

Version 4.5.5 maintenance release 

Scuba version 4.5.5 contains one resolved issue:

Resolved an issue causing clusters with a large data whale to overwhelm and potentially block data ingest.

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